God can see DEAD PEOPLE!

caravaggio-thomasThe Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Knowledge..and right now ya girl is looking BASIC!

God’s word is so ALIVE. I appreciate the fact that God can literally impart something on my heart, reveal a truth in my spirit making it real for me and convict me to repentance just by reading scripture.

I onncceee was looost and nowww I’m found….and now I’m LOST again -_-  (at least it feels that way). I have most certainly lost something and God is pushing me backwards to find that thing again. So here I am, on the ground, broken looking for LOST CHANGE….oh Yes, this journey with Christ is COSTLY *le sigh.

There was a time when I was on fire for God. Like David, I was consumed by my zeal (Psalm 119:139) experiencing spiritual victory and walking really close to Christ. God had me DESPERATE for understanding and humbled in His presence. Somehow I became wise in my own eyes & now I’m looking around confused wondering why I am messing up so bad.


1. You haven’t been consistently in your word (reading your bible)

2. Your prayers have been getting shorter and shorter, half the time you’re not so sincere!

3. Besides you not praying you have not been watching! (Matthew 26:41)

God has told you long ago that you would do well to honor HIM. God has confirmed for you in His word that there is wisdom and riches and fullness and friendship with him when you fear (respect and honor) him. (Psalm 34:9, Proverbs 22:4, Acts 10:35, Psalm 25:14)

You are right, but God loves you and He will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you can bear so just bear with Him, ok? cool.

I sincerely think that we do ourselves a disservice, as believers, by only focusing on one aspect of God’s character. All the things that warm our hearts about God like His loving-kindness, graciousness, mercy, faithfulness, the fact that He is beautiful, awesome, amazing and FORGIVING, pretty much consume my mind when I think of God.

ummm DON’T SLEEP on God the ALMIGHTY, Pops is HOLY, He will not stand for sin, evil of any kind, nor disobedience. He did not stand for it in the old testament and while He offers the BLOOD of His son to cover the sins of believers, He STILL CAN NOT STAND SIN!

I would be a fool to believe otherwise….CASE AND POINT= My flesh is the fool, the damned fool who somehow believes otherwise and who is going to find herself looking foolish by herself cuz I’m leaving that HEAUX at the alter by herself. I gotta keep walking with God and she can’t come with because she doesn’t know how to ACT.

I know that God will NOT allow me to walk in sin, but somehow I’ve gotten good at pretending God can’t see me.


The wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23)

While I may not out-rightly, in the natural, deal with the consequences of my sin, my soul pays EVERY LAST CENT. I pay when I’m dealing with doubt, lack of faith, condemnation, feelings of unworthiness, distance from God, lack of spiritual discernment and and difficulty hearing from God.

I PAY. I ain’t got nooo endssss, I’m OUT HERE BROKE!!!!

Broken over my sin.

Exactly…where…I..NEED…to…be.                                                         0_o. huh?!

The beauty of this crawl with God (I was walking, but the struggle is real right now) is that in the STRANGEST way I KNOW (intimately) that I am exactly God intends for me to be.

All things LITERALLY work together for good for those who LOVE God and are called according to HIS purpose. (Romans 8:28)

God has me BROKEN. The sacrifice… the price that God is calling me to pay during this season is simply my broken and contrite heart, that HE WILL NOT DESPISE. (Psalm 51:17)

While I am waiting for God to put me back together, I am just happy that God can SEE DEAD PEOPLE.


One thought on “God can see DEAD PEOPLE!

  1. I’m here with you. Once you are born again getting off the path shows up real quick. This past couple of weeks had been a struggle for I could feel depression trying to sneak back. But as I took a inventory I could see that I no longer was dedicated to my Quiet time with God. All this after He told me my rest is in His Word and His presence is in my praises to HIM. God corrects and disciplines those he Loves so how Blessed are we.!!

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